Michael B. Jordan Reportedly Could Replace Henry Cavill In ‘Superman’ Franchise

It was recently revealed that Henry Cavill would be stepping down from his role as Superman, which left us all wondering who’d be able to fill those boots. After all, in the age of the superhero flick, you couldn’t just plonk anyone in a bit of spandex – it’s going to have to be someone pretty special.

Well, according to Deadline, his replacement could come in the form of Black Panther star Michael B. Jordan, with Warner Bros apparently considering a ‘completely different direction’ for its Superman canon.


A new Superman film isn’t going to be in cinemas anytime soon, as Warner Bros is apparently shifting focus to Supergirl right now, but that leaves plenty of time for us to picture Jordan donning that iconic red and blue suit and get on board with the idea.

Mind you, if i’m honest, I’ve not even thought about it for a minute and I’m already sold. I mean, let’s just look at the recent Black Panther, which saw Jordan play a blinder as baddie Killmonger.

The film was an instant hit with audiences and critics alike, with the New Yorker‘s Anthony Lane commending Jordan as being ‘twice as pantherish as the Panther’, adding: “Jordan has swagger to spare, with those rolling shoulders, but there’s a breath of charm, too, all the more seductive in the overblown atmosphere of Marvel.”

And it’s not just us that loved the film. Disney is reportedly so proud of it that it’s going after a whole load of Oscars – including Best Picture, which no MCU title has ever won. Bold move, Disney, bold move.

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